About Atelier Weddings

 “Embark on Your Dream Wedding Journey with Our Unique Planning Approach”

At Our Approach to Planning, we’re dedicated to illuminating your path to your dream wedding with warmth and joy. As your trusted companions, we infuse each step of the journey with excitement, ensuring that your road to your special day is nothing short of enchanting.

Tailored to You:

We believe in crafting weddings as distinct as your love story. Through our personalized approach, we take the time to deeply understand your vision, preferences, and the essence of your bond. This allows us to curate a wedding experience that mirrors your individuality, surpassing all expectations.

Expert Guidance and Care:

From the very first consultation to the final flourishes, our devoted team stands steadfastly by your side, offering expert guidance and unwavering support. Trust us to handle every intricate detail, freeing you to revel in the magic and craft beautiful memories, unburdened by the stresses of planning.

Artistry and Precision:

With a harmonious blend of creativity and organization, we bring your dreams to fruition. Our adept planners sprinkle your wedding with imaginative flair, making it uniquely yours, while ensuring that every element is meticulously coordinated for a seamless and unforgettable celebration.

Katie & Anthony
Katie & Anthony

Why Atelier Weddings?


Introducing Atelier Weddings, a premier luxury wedding and event planning service. With over 11 years of expertise in the industry, Atelier Weddings is poised to orchestrate your dream wedding or special event with grace and finesse. When you choose Atelier Weddings, you’re not just hiring a planner – you’re gaining a team of trusted confidants, reliable go-to people, and cherished friends.

With a natural flair for planning and hosting, Atelier Weddings genuinely cares about bringing your vision to life, every single step of the way. We want to design the day of your dreams, treating it as though it were our very own celebration. Beyond being your planners, we aim to be your confidantes and friends, ensuring that your wedding journey is as stress-free and joyful as possible.

At Atelier Weddings, we take pride in curating a limited number of luxury weddings each year. This deliberate approach ensures that every celebration receives the undivided attention and meticulous care it deserves, making your big day truly unforgettable.

Vicky and Berengere - 24.04.2023

Kelly was instrumental in orchestrating our wedding within a tight timeline of just three months! She skillfully assisted us in selecting and securing suppliers, streamlining the entire process. One of her exceptional finds was an oyster specialist who delighted all of our guests. On the day itself, Kelly masterfully brought everything together, ensuring that every intricate detail was flawlessly executed. Thanks to her efforts, we were able to fully immerse ourselves in the celebration without a single worry or thought about logistics. Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to Kelly for making our wedding day truly unforgettable.